Personal Branding

So I read this article (Branding a must for Rising Entrepreneurs) and it got me thinking about my brand, or lack thereof. I’ve read so many different articles that all say the same thing: branding is pretty damn important. It attaches an image to the company, it’s what people first see, it’s the initial impression. I get it! I need one! Sheesh!

Well, I’ve been working on one for a long time now. I believe I may be overthinking it. I want it to be perfect the first go around-even though I know that is unrealistic. Everything goes through phases. Things change, evolve, adapt. Same thing with a brand/logo. So, I need to just finish a design and put my logo out there.

I declare it: before the end of May, I will have my logo!


Hello world!


Started this blog post 8 months ago… Since it is April 20th, that means I started this blog/post in 2015…. I am scum LOL.


My goal for this blog is to help me in staying motivated and focused in my career in coding. I will most likely be posting interesting articles I read, some of my work, and random little rants about my life.

The thing that seems to have piqued my interest as of late is web development. Within the next couple of years, I want to open up my own development firm that will focus on web development, application development, and branding. I want to partner up with small businesses, startups, and personal businesses and offer to become their digital partners. Basically, I want to help people start following their dreams =]

Among that, I also want a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and a series of websites, blogs, vlogs, and other shit. I am very interested in everything. Lol.

Well, thanks for tuning in! I will update with things soon! PEACE!